SAP® Business ByDesign

SAP® Business ByDesign – Your Cloud ERP

SAP® Business ByDesign is a comprehensive, fully integrated business management solution delivered in the cloud. The solution is a central component of the SAP® cloud portfolio and is designed specifically to enable small and midsize businesses to take advantage of a comprehensive business management application without the need for a large IT infrastructure. But SAP® Business ByDesign is also becoming increasingly attractive for large companies and corporations. Thus, the cloud ERP system is ideally suited for connecting smaller branches to the existing company infrastructure – regardless of whether they already use SAP® products or not.

Why you should have a look at SAP® Business ByDesign?

Time for digitalization

  • You want to make the business decision – anytime and with access to real-time information
  • You want to automate your business processes to increase productivity

You grow

  • You are a fast growing company and your needs exceed the current capabilities of your system
  • As your business grows, you need to implement best practice processes

You expand

  • When you expand into new markets, you need a system that supports you in
  • Enable the harmonization of internal group processes – those of your company and your subsidiaries

Company Transparency

  • Adapt your ERP solution to the requirements of your company to be able to act flexibly and transparently
  • Improve data quality by connecting silos to a central data source so you can focus on your business and make quick decisions

User acceptance

  • Intuitive usability, easy learning and noticeable reduction of daily workload
  • Integrated business processes support and enable the user to achieve higher efficiency

Holistic approach

  • Reduce and minimize your operational IT costs by using a cloud solution
  • Trust a secure, operational environment to protect your data

Why customers love SAP® Business ByDesign

The functional scope of SAP® Business ByDesign

Human Resources

Training of new employees, personnel management, time recording and self-service functions


Real-time external and internal accounting, cash flow and liquidity management

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing, lead generation, opportunity management, sales and service processes

Supplier Management / Purchasing

Centralized supplier information, purchasing and contract management, strategic and comprehensive purchasing

Supply Chain Management

Product development, supply chain management, forecasting, MRP, manufacturing, inventory management and logistics

Project management

Collaborate and monitor projects in real-time across all functional areas

Profit from continuous innovations

The concept of SAP Business ByDesign ensures that you always have best-in-class functionality and the latest technology

Cloud Solution

Innovations in the cloud without high complexity and costs

Quarterly updates

Automatic product updates provide new features and processes

Flexible Platform

Possibility to adapt and expand the solution

Inexpensive and yet all-inclusive

SAP Base-Fee

1.500,00 EURmonth
  • Full ERP functionality incl. all modules (Finance/Controlling, HR, CRM, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Project-Management, Built-In-Analytics, Cross-Topics, Interfaces)
  • Productive-System inclusive
  • Test-System inclusive
  • Hosting inclusive
  • Support inclusive
  • 2 Advanced User inclusive
  • 3 Core User inclusive

Self-Service User

19,00 EURmonth
  • These users perform essential self-service tasks such as time recording and expense reporting, purchasing, travel management and service confirmations.


99,00 EURmonth
  • These users are activated for employees in the following areas: Accounting, sales, customer relationship management, logistics, procurement, project management and supply chain.


179,00 EURmonth
  • Advanced users have access to all available functions, including central and self-service functions. They perform administrative tasks, have access to the business configuration, user management and analysis functions for the creation of business reports.


0,00 EURmonth
  • A test system is included free of charge in the base fee and can be used and implemented at any time. If you need a new test system, your existing test system can be replaced free of charge by SAP as a new copy from your productive system.

Support 24 / 7 / 365

0,00 EURmonth
  • You receive free support – 24 hours, 365 days a year. This support is covered directly by SAP. For special technical queries the consultants of becomeCloud GmbH & Co. KG are also available for different time zones at any time.


0,00 EURMonat
  • SAP Business ByDesign is a native cloud solution. The hosting of your system is included in the base fee free of charge. You decide in which country and data center your SAP Business ByDesign system is hosted. The host is always SAP.
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